Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Azure App Service / Azure Stack App Service–related technologies

The Azure App Service technologies can be used from the Azure public cloud (in Azure App Service) and from the on-premises implementation of Azure, called Azure Stack (in PREVIEW, as of H1 2016).

Azure Web Apps
 A web or service deployed into Azure App Service. You can deploy ASP.NET MVC apps, plain HTML web apps, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python web/services, and more.
 Appropriate when you just need to deploy a web/service into the cloud.
 You can easily manage your web app configuration from Azure portal and to deploy directly from Visual Studio when you are developing.

Azure Mobile Apps
 An Azure App Service Mobile App is internally similar to an Azure Web App, but it is specially made to be consumed by mobile apps.
 You can deploy services (based on ASP.NET Web API or Node.js) but Azure Mobile Apps provide additional capabilities, like offline scenario (sync local device database with database in the cloud), simplified push notification implementation based on Azure Push Notification hub, and an easy implementation of Internet authentication (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft) or enterprise Azure Active Directory authentication.
 Appropriate when the services you want to deploy will be consumed by any mobile app (including native, cross-platform, or hybrid).

Azure API Apps
 The API Apps support within Azure App Service enables you to easily create, consume, and call APIs. Azure API Apps provide metadata describing your services (based on Swagger) so other apps can easily discover what your services are offering.
 You can easily expose and integrate APIs across a wide variety of languages.
 Discoverability and integration features integrate API Apps with Logic Apps.
 Appropriate when consuming services (API Apps) from apps like Logic Apps or PowerApps.

Azure Logic Apps
 Logic Apps enable you to automate workflows and business processes.
 You can configure workflows that integrate and transform data between LoB systems (like Microsoft Dynamics or Oracle) with SaaS systems (like Office 365, Salesforce, or Twitter) or your custom applications/services.
 Take advantage of already available SaaS/LoB connectors or custom API Apps so you can easily build integration systems.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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