Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Android 1.5 earlylook SDK is out!

To give developers a headstart, the next release of the Android 1.5 early-look SDK has now been made available. The Android 1.5 platform will include many improvements and new features for users and developers. Additionally, the SDK itself introduces several new capabilities that enable you to develop applications more efficiently for multiple platform versions and locales. The new SDK has a different component structure compared to earlier SDK releases. This means that it does not work with older Eclipse plug-ins (ADT 0.8) and the old SDKs (1.1 and earlier) do not work with this new Eclipse plug-in (ADT 0.9). Note that since this is an early-look SDK, the tools and documentation are not complete. Additionally, the API reference documentation for it is provided only in the downloadable SDK package—see the documentation in the SDK’s docs/reference/directory. Visit to get a grip over the feature set of the Android 1.5 SDK.

Source of Information : Linux For You May 2009

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