Friday, August 7, 2009

Better ASP.NET with MonoDevelop 2.0, Mono 2.4

MonoDevelop 2.0 has been released with the aim of enabling developers to write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, port .NET applications created with Microsoft Visual Studio to Linux and Mac OS X, and maintain a single code base for all three platforms. MonoDevelop provides tools to simplify and streamline .NET application development on Linux, including: improved ASP.NET and C# 3.0 support and a built-in debugger. It now uses MSBuild-style project files to increase interoperability with Visual Studio. Web projects are now also compatible with Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Web Developer 2008 SP1, providing more options for developers who want to build and deploy their Web applications on both Windows and Linux.

New features available in Mono 2.4 include a new code generation engine that improves the performance of executing .NET applications on the Mono runtime, while managed Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) extensions enable developers to take advantage of hardware acceleration without having to program in lower-level languages. Additional runtime innovations, such as full ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation, bring Mono-based applications to new platforms, including the Apple iPhone. MonoDevelop 2.0 and Mono 2.4 are available now and can be downloaded at

Source of Information : Linux For You May 2009

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