Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Convert OGG Files to MP3

OGG files may be great for saving file size, but if you want to listen to your audiobook version of Venetian Blinds on your iPod, you need to convert those files to MP3. Open the Add/Remove tool and type Sound Converter into the search box. Remember to have the Show menu set to All Available Applications, or the application will not be found. Once Add/Remove has located this application, install it onto your computer. Odds are you will need the MP3 encoder package. To download this, you need to open your web browser and point it to When the page opens, find the Ubuntu section and click Click Here. The package manager will open a window asking if you would like to install additional software. Click Yes and the package manager will download and install this for you.

Now that everything is installed, navigate to Applications | Sound & Video | Sound Converter. Once Sound Converter is opened, go to Edit | Preferences and under the Type Of Result? section, select MP3 and then Close. Now you can use the icons on the menu bar to add files and folders to be converted. Once you have everything selected, click Convert to make a copy of all your OGG music files in the MP3 format for your iPod.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Osborne Media How to Do Everything Ubuntu

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