Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 LTR

Ubuntu 8.04 includes the following features:

• PolicyKit authorization for users, allowing limited controlled administrative access to administration tools and storage and media devices.

• Brasero GNOME CD/DVD burner.

• Kernel-based Virtualization Machine (KVM) support is included with the kernel. KVM uses hardware virtualization enabled processors such as Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) and AMD Secure Virtual Machine (SVM) processors to support hardware-level guest operating systems. Most standard Intel and AMD processors already provide this support.

• Use Virtual Machine Manger to manage and install both KVM and Xen virtual machines.

• The java-gcj-compat collection provides Java runtime environment compatibility. It consists of GNU Java runtime (libgcj), the Eclipse Java compiler (ecj), and a set of wrappers and links (java-gcj-compat).

• New applications such as Transmission BitTorrent client, Vinagre Virtual Network Client, and the World Clock applet with weather around the world.

• Features automatic detection of removable devices such as USB printers, digital cameras, and card readers. CD/DVD discs are treated as removable devices, automatically displayed and accessed when inserted.

• GNOME supports GUI access to all removable devices and shared directories on networked hosts, including Windows folders, using the GNOME Virtual File System, gvfs, which replaces gnomevfs.

• Any NTFS Windows file systems on your computer are automatically detected and mounted using ntfs-3g. Mounted file systems are located in the media directory.

• Full IPv6 network protocol support, including automatic addressing and renumbering.

• Network Monitor will automatically detect wireless network connections.

• Information about hotplugged devices is provided to applications with the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) from www.freedesktop.org. This allows desktops such as GNOME to display and manage removable devices easily.

• All devices are treated logically as removable and automatically configured by udev. Fixed devices cannot be removed. This feature is meant to let Linux accommodate a wide variety of devices, such as digital cameras, PDAs, and cell phones. PCMCIA and network devices are managed by udev and HAL directly.

• The Update Manager automatically updates your Ubuntu system and all its installed applications, from the Ubuntu online repositories.

• Software management (Synaptic Package Manager) accesses and installs software directly from all your configured online Ubuntu repositories.

• The current version of OpenOffice.org provides effective and MS Office–competitive applications, featuring support for document storage standards.

• Complete range of system and network administration tools featuring easy-to-use GUI interfaces.

• Wine Windows Compatibility Layer lets you run most popular Windows applications directly on your Ubuntu desktop.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Ubuntu The Complete Reference

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