Monday, November 3, 2008

Ubuntu Editions

Ubuntu is released in several editions, each designed for a distinct group of users or functions. Editions install different collections of software such as the KDE, the XFce desktop, servers, educational software, and multimedia applications. ISO images can be downloaded directly or using a BitTorrent application.

Desktop install. LiveCD using GNOME desktop,

Server install. Install server software (no desktop),

Alternate install. Install enhanced features,

Kubuntu. LiveCD using KDE instead of GNOME,

Xubuntu. Uses the Xfce desktop instead of GNOME, Useful for

Edubuntu. Installs educational software: Desktop, Server, and Server add-on CDs,

Goubuntu. Uses only open source software; no access to restricted software of any

Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu Desktop with multimedia and graphics production applications,

Mythbuntu. Ubuntu Desktop with MythTV multimedia and digital video recorder (DVR)

The Ubuntu Desktop Edition provides standard functionality for end users. The standard Ubuntu release provides a LiveCD using the GNOME desktop. Most users would install this edition. This is the CD image that you download from the Get Ubuntu Download page at

Those who want to run Ubuntu as a server to provide an Internet service such as a Web site would use the Ubuntu Server Edition. The Server Edition provides only a simple command line interface; it does not install the desktop. It is primarily designed to run servers. Keep in mind that you could install the desktop first and later download server software from the Ubuntu repositories, running them from a system that also has a desktop. You do not have to install the Server Edition to install and run servers. The Server Edition can be downloaded from the Get Ubuntu Download page.

Users who want more enhanced operating system features such as RAID arrays or file system encryption would use the alternate edition. The alternate edition, along with the Desktop and Server editions, can be downloaded directly from or

Other editions use either a different desktop or a specialized collection of software for certain groups of users. Links to the editions are listed on the Web page. From there you can download their live/install CDs. The Kubuntu edition used KDE instead of GNOME. Xubuntu uses the XFce desktop instead of GNOME. This is a stripped down and highly efficient desktop, ideal for low power use on laptops and smaller computer. The Edubuntu edition provides educational software and can also be used with a specialized Edubuntu server to provide educational software on a school network. The Goubuntu edition is a modified version of the standard edition that includes only open source software, with no access to commercial software of any kind, including restricted vendor graphics drivers such as those from Nvidia or ATI. Only open source display drivers are used. The Ubuntu Studio edition is a new edition that provides a collection of multimedia and image production software. The Mythbuntu edition is designed to install and run the MythTV software, letting you use Ubuntu to operate as a multimedia DVR and video playback system.

The Kubuntu and Edubuntu editions can be downloaded directly from The Gobuntu, Mythbuntu, Xubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio are all available, along with all the other editions and Ubuntu releases, on the cdimage server at Keep in mind that all these editions are released as LiveCDs or DVD install discs, for which there are two versions: a 32-bit x86 version and a 64-bit x86_64 version. Older computers may support only a 32-bit version, whereas most current computers will support the 64-bit versions. Check your computer hardware specifications to be sure. The 64-bit version should run faster, and most computer software is now available in stable 64-bit packages. The and also hold BitTorrent and Jigdo download files for the editions they provide. Primary download site for desktop and servers. or Download sites for alternate, server, and desktop CDs and the Install DVD, as well as BitTorrent files Download site for Ubuntu editions, including Kubuntu and Edubuntu. Also check their respective Web sites. Download site for all Ubuntu editions, including Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, Goubuntu, and Ubuntu Studio. Also check their respective Web sites. Includes Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and Edubuntu. Ubuntu mirrors. Ubuntu BitTorrent site for BitTorrent downloads of Ubuntu distribution ISO images.

Source of Information : McGraw Hill Ubuntu The Complete Reference

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