Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DevOps for back-end mobile services using VSTS, Azure, and Application Insights

Developers and testers can easily and quickly provision production-like dev-test environments by
using templates in Azure. This pipeline can begin with Visual Studio or VSTS by initiating automated builds for every check-in and with automated deployments (CD).

Developers can create automated tests at every stage of deployment and can define necessary
approvals before and after deployments. There are two fundamental technologies that are the pillars in Azure’s infrastructure:

 Azure Resource Manager Developers can provision virtual machines and any Azure PaaS components by using ARM templates saved in source control using tools with which they are already comfortable working.

 Azure Marketplace templates Developers can use the cloud as a test harness for a number of real-world situations, such as testing a large number of requests and multiple clients, simulating realistic and distributed load, at the same time validating the scale and tolerance of your application. Azure Marketplace templates have a host of test frameworks and services that give developers the ability to do functional and performance testing. Customers can take advantage of the on-demand and scalable infrastructure of Visual Studio Team Services load-testing service to generate unlimited virtual users for your application from various Azure datacenters around the globe.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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