Monday, December 18, 2017

Getting mobile customer insights and implementing marketing campaigns by using Azure Mobile Engagement

Azure Mobile Engagement is a SaaS user-engagement platform that provides data-driven insights
into mobile app usage by end users, along with real-time user segmentation. It also makes
contextually aware push notifications possible as well as in-app messaging. With Azure Mobile Engagement, application publishers and marketing professionals can better
understand and interact with the app users.

Real-time actionable analytics to maximize return on investment
You can initiate engagement scenarios according to user behavior and demographics by combining
Big Data collection with real-time message processing. Mobile Engagement can answer nearly any
question relevant to your particular business needs. For example, you can create custom dashboards
to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), rapidly find and fix usage bottlenecks in a user funnel
path, track retention and user stickiness, and then determine which campaigns are driving the highest
return on investment. Using the Mobile Engagement 360-degree user path view (see Figure 4-5), you
can easily and continually enhance and optimize the user experience (UX), driving higher retention
rates and improved app usage.

Value-added push and communications platform
Mobile Engagement provides in-app messaging capabilities and works seamlessly with native push
notifications gateways such as Google GCM, Apple APNS, and Microsoft MPNS. And it goes beyond, giving you the power to create targeted campaigns by analyzing user behaviors to identify unique customer segments.

Open APIs and ease of integration
By providing open APIs and SDKs that ease integration, you can use data from your existing CRM,
CMS, or other back-end systems. This makes it possible for you to further improve your audience
targeting and protect your investments.

Source Of Information : Microsoft Platform and Tools for Mobile App Development

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